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By nature, our experiences are defined by what’s “humanly possible”. But what if those restrictions fell away?

At Dimenco, we believe in a future beyond those limits. One where our senses and physical location aren’t the boundary, but the starting point. Together with the brightest minds in our business, we’re using technology to create a brand new experience. One that brings people together. No matter where they may be.
We call it simulated reality.


From a tap of Morse code to a video call with grandma, communication has come a long way. However, nothing can capture the feeling of a shared, real-life experience... just yet.

is SR.

What if you could recreate the experience of a face-to-face conversation? Of sitting on the same park bench, feeling the same breeze, hearing the same background noise, smelling the same cup of coffee… Without ever leaving your living room? What if you could touch someone or interact with objects using your real hands, instead of a virtual version?

That’s simulated reality. And we’re developing the technology to make it happen.


consumer technology


We’re moving from the age of information to the age of experience. And simulated reality will help take us there.

This technology will activate all senses; it will interact with you and the environment. Objective and virtual reality will merge with artificial intelligence, creating rich experiences that feel natural and authentic.

We’re taking simulated reality out of the realm of science fiction, and turning it into fact. Here’s how we plan to get there:

Level 1: Immersive depth display

Level 1:

Immersive depth display

The roots of simulated reality start with 4K immersive depth displays. 3D viewing is combined with gesture-based interaction and surround sound for an engaging experience that involves two senses without any wearables.

Level 2: Virtual window

Level 2:

Virtual window

We’re currently entering the virtual window stage. With an 8K display, haptic feedback for enhanced sense of touch and full 3D sound, it offers a virtual reality experience without the headset and it allows you to actually interact with objects using your hands instead of a virtual version. Additional environmental feedback like temperature, airflow and smell make it even more immersive.

Level 3: Artificial intelligence

Level 3:

Artificial intelligence

The holographic screen can fully understand and interact with your physical surroundings. It uses artificial intelligence to gather and communicate information to interact with the user and stimulate all senses, incorporating full VR directional sound.

Level 4: Beyond the display

Level 4:

Beyond the display

With holographic simulation, the screen is no longer visible. The virtual world seamlessly merges with the real one. The technology interacts and responds to the environment and the viewer in a natural, effortless way.

Level 5: Full simulated reality

Level 5:

Full simulated reality

This is the complete realization of simulated reality. All five senses are engaged and the differences between the simulated and real world become imperceptible. Objects created with SR technology will behave according to the laws of physics, moving and acting just like physical objects.